CLI Errors

Here we will give you the information you need to work with errors in the FRAPI CLI. Below are a list of valid arguments along with the options they accept and an example of each.

add error

Add a new error to the system.

Example: $ ./frapi.php add error --name=ERROR1 --code=412 --message="There was an error processing your request." --description="This is a test error."

Option Required Description
--name|-n Yes The name of the error being created.
--code|-c No The http code of the error being created.
--message|-m Yes The meesage of the error being created.
--description|-d No Description of error being created, used for documentation.

delete error

Delete an error from the system.

Example: $ ./frapi.php delete error --name="ERROR1"

Option Required Description
--name|-n Yes Name of error to delete.

list errors

List all the errors in the system and their details.

Example: $ ./frapi.php list errors