CLI Introduction


So you'd prefer to use the CLI to a web based interface for managing your FRAPI install? Well, you've come to the right place. The FRAPI CLI offers most of the functionality of the web based administrative interface.


The frapi CLI file is in the following directory: FRAPI_PATH/src/frapi/admin/console. It can be run by simply changing to the console directory and typing ./frapi.php which if called without any arguments or options will display a usage message.


There are two required arguments for the FRAPI CLI. The first is the action you would like to take, for example - add, delete, etc. The second is the module you would to perform that action on, for example - action, partner, etc. To get the options for each combination of action and module you can pass them to the frapi.php. Please see the Module Details section for a complete list and description of the arguments and options available.


For each combition of action and module there are different options that may or may not be required. To get a list of the options available for a combination of action and module call the CLI script with those arguments and a usage message will be displayed. To get a complete list of options for all action/module combinations please see the Module Details section. Below is the example output when attempting to add an action with no options.

$./frapi.php add action
Usage: ./frapi.php [ options ]
--name|-n                   Name of the action.
--enabled|-e                Is the action enabled?
--public|-p                 Is the action public?
--route|-r                  Custom route of the action.
--description|-d            Description of the action.
--parameters|--pa           List of comma-seperated optional parameters.
--required-parameters|--rp  List of comma-seperated required parameters.

Module Details

Below are links to pages with detailed information about each module and what actions and options are available.